Lunch, Sharings and Baby

I cannot remember when was the last time I met these girls! We used to meet pretty frequently for ms activities and camps but now we only meet during weddings and births.We had lunch at Marina Square The Gallerie overlooking the Esplanade and the marina (previously it was called the “Marina Loft”). Followed by an usrah by the bay. It was a gorgeous day to be there with the breezy weather as the NDP were having a rehearsal at the floating platform so you could hear *Majulaaaaah Singapuraaaa, Majulaaaaah Singapuraaaa….* and the marching commands followed by the sound of shooting canon balls (is this what it’s called? heh).

The day’s usrah topics were:

  1. Our Favourite Juz ‘Amma Surah and Verse
  2. Our Favourite Hadith
  3. Things you’ve learnt from events, classes etc

As it turned out, our favourite surahs were the same MasyaAllah. Al-Insyirah – Kelapangan or The Expansion of the Breast. Remember these 2 verses? “Verily, with every difficulty there is relief” repeated 2 times at verses 5 and 6.

Liyana shared about “Syama’il Muhammadiyah“, from a book documenting the physical features of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w (wow) and we celebrated June baby Maryam’s belated birthday with a cheesecake and a make-do straw-candle.

On our way from Moulana Mosque to Fullerton Hotel we were stopped by a group of youths participating in an amazing race asking us to “kakak please please please join us in this task if not we cannot go home” . I don’t know what their task was but we (Liyana and me – Maryam managed to sneakily escape from the public activity) suddenly found ourselves doing the chicken/VISA dance with a group of people in the middle of Boat Quay while one of the group members took a video of this really amusing scene as proof (and Liyana was wearing a skirt. Imagine that).

Needless to say we were laughing non-stop after that. Well at least we have this as something we’ll always remember! Chicken dance at boat quay in front of the public…how could u ever forget that?

After usrah we proceeded to meet today’s VIP and her long time no see mummy! (Told ya we only meet during weddings..and births.)

All we could do when we saw her was to just stare at her, captivated by this only a month-old newborn and her tiny face and body, marveling at Allah’s beautiful creation amazed at wow our bubbly adventurous climbing sister Rufi is now a mother (?!!!). All babies are small, but she’s really..tiny. Hehe so cute and adorable. When being carried, she likes to lean towards your chest and take in your smell for a few seconds (I hope I smelled good to u hunny!).┬áLike all month-old babies, she was asleep most of the time occasionally opening her eyes and giving us a now you see it now you don’t smile and letting out a cute little yawn.


aww look at cutie pie in the centre! her awesome mummy is the one on the right with black tudung who apparently loves to insist others to carry her lil chica...not that we mind actually XD

Thank you for the beautiful day sisters, and thank You Allah for the beautiful day and the awesome company :)