Last month, I went to Jakarta with some family members. The trip objective? Shopping and SPA!

We stayed at Akmani Hotel, which was just a few walks away from Sarinah, a shopping mall. At Sarinah there was a level catered just for Muslimah! Long-sleeved tops and long dresses – chic and edgy, sweet and dainty, u name it, they’ve got it. Stocked with home-grown Indonesian fashion designers. I never saw so many varieties of Muslimah fashion in a store! It’s just like Forever 21 or Topshop & Mango but Muslimah version. Needless to say I went crazy shopping. The good thing was that they were reasonably priced and made of excellent quality so they will last for a long time. The best thing? I can fit the clothes!!! I find that usually in SG in places like Joo Chiat or TKC it may be hard to find long-sleeved tops that I can fit in , even their smallest size may be too big for me (I am a size S or XS…or XXS for some stores hahaha…or L for kid-sized clothing LOL). So because most Indonesian ladies tend to be small-sized too (it seems to me, correct me if I’m wrong), I could fit most of their size S! Wah so happy hip hip hooray! *flips tudung*

Another highlight of the trip was that I also had my first spa experience. Scrub, mask, massage, the works. Since we were already in Indonesia, and Martha Tilaar is very well-known for their spas and salons. Furthermore spas in Singapore can be really pricey and Martha Tilaar doesn’t have any spa branches here, only cosmetics – there’s one MT store in Marina Square selling their full range of cosmetics and body lotions, scrubs and the likes, but u can also find some MT products at some stores at Geylang Joo Chiat. Alhamdulillah I felt rejuvenated after wards, not to mention smelling good too. I think every woman should do so once in a while, if not spa but massage (some call it “urut“) to maintain our physique and well-being. :)

The branch above is located at:

Martha Tilaar Salon & Day Spa Cikini
Jl. Cikini Raya No 83
Jakarta Pusat
Phone : (021) 319-37616