Being Islam

I’m sure most people have heard of the concept of BE-DO-HAVE.

Saying “Islam is my religion” is not as humbling as saying “Islam is the religion that I am” coz with the former, the context you are referring to is as an individual whereas the latter refers to you and the rest of humanity. When u say “I am Islam”, you are being Islam.

What is “being Islam”? Being Islam means being peace and many other characteristics and virtues associated with Islam. When you are being Islam instead of just doing and having Islam without truly being peaceful, then there is something missing. Take for example Solat. We solat without true peace & khusyuk and expect great rewards from Allah. I feel extremely ashamed coz I can resonate with that. Yet He presents me with blessings every single minute of my life. Subahanallah.

“Verily Allah will not deal unjustly with man in aught, it is man that wrongs his own soul.” -Yunus, 44

(P.S: Aught means anything)

Ahh man… isn’t that statement very true? If you look into your life, the screw-ups and meltdowns; and trace back the source of them, are actually brought upon by you and only you. And if you go down the road of “but i did this, i did that… (referring to any ibadah), ask yourself a question: how were you being when you perform that act of deed? did u do it out of obligation? did u do it coz u felt like u were being forced? did you do it with true peace of mind and love for Him?

“Anxiety is part of aging” – Hadith

Aha. We don’t need modern science to tell us that, it’s already mentioned by Rasulullah s.a.w! MasyaAllah.. God is All-Knowing.

Before getting to the actions (DO) and results (HAVE), you must get the source (BE) right first.

So I am embarking on this journey – to authentically BE ISLAM first before doing the good deed and having the rewards insyaAllah. And i’m inviting every single one of you to do take this on too! Let’s strive to Jannah together! InsyaAllah :D