Life is a Rock Wall of Dunya.

In every rockclimbing wall there are handholds and footholds.

Handholds guide you while footholds support you.

In this Life – to a Believer, Islam is your handhold and Iman is your foothold.

Together you climb the wall of Dunya with Ihsan,

As Allah watches your every step, knows your every sweat, whether it’s good or bad.

Sometimes your wall is easy, sometimes it is hard and sometimes it is extremely challenging.

But it is never straight, as it was never designed to be.

Everyone climbs the wall differently, as we have been made different from one another.

Most times you climb up, but at times you get stuck. Other times, you climb down.

As we climb, we are supported by our belayers- beloved Companions in this Life,

All the while hanging on the Rope of Allah s.w.t.

To get to our final destination. Jannah, InsyaAllah.