Before & After: Pretty Bedside Table

Last year, this mini table/bench was brown and woody and getting old. It sat in my brother’s room and he wanted to throw it away as he did some spring cleaning. But I wanted to do something with it since it was so cute and I saw potential in it. So I painted it white and covered the surface with dark pink cotton and gold organza, and this table then sat in my room as my mini dresser. I gotta admit, I really loved how it turned out, really pretty and very Bollywood-ish (minus the sequins)!

However with time it has since picked up on stains (lotions, make-up and what nots, not to mention dust) and became quite dirty and tired-looking. Instead of washing it, I wanted to try something new so I gave it a new look yet again.

Before: Pink and gold Bollywood-ish inspired…albeit it’s glamorous shine fading away.

After: Retro and bold with lots of fuchsia, black and reds! Isn’t it pretty? It even matches the berries scented candle from IKEA. I love how it looks new and fresh (even tho it’s retro), and gives such a pop of color burst to my raspberry pink room.

There was no sewing involved and after cutting the fabric (something I ‘discovered’ in my stash), I secured the sides with small pieces of duct tape, followed by the wider ones. And that was it. (Of course, using a stapler gun is better but I honestly do not know where that handy thingy is amidst the spring cleaning mess at home.)

And this time, instead of a mini dresser it’s a bedside table with some readings and relaxing :)