the shoe chooses you.

It’s true.

Everytime i walk past Charles&Keith, i would step in and try the shoes that catch my eye. u know, just to see how i will look like in them, especially the platform heels (because i am short like that). then walk here, walk there for a while, look at mirror, admire myself a little (haha), and then put it back. it doesn’t take much to make me happy – i don’t need to own the shoes, i just like to wear them.

the last time i bought a shoe from there was few years ago and it was a woven sandal which i really loved – until it broke apart. a reminder to me that nothing stays forever in this world, not even my beloved shoes. anyway, tonight was different.

my dearest mum, the best mum in the whole wide world, decided to treat me & my sis (& not forgetting herself) to something from CK coz she won a voucher. and she wouldn’t take no for an answer even tho i insisted that i didn’t want anything (of course i want the whole store but i wanted her to spend it on herself since she won it wholeheartedly) but we’re talking about my mummy dearest here, who has a heart of GOLD. who always puts her children before herself.

so i know i like to try this heel, try that platform wedges and a million other shoes when im in CK store, but when it comes to choosing one to take home, i cannot choose.


but since i was put on the spot, i tried my very best. i tried on those that i liked. some did not fit me perfectly, some did not “feel right”, some look good on display but did not look good on me, some didn’t have my size. and some, no matter how much i loved it and wanted to purchase it immediately, was sold out. fortunately the salespeople were super super patient – thumbs up for their excellent service! one of them even said to me, “don’t worry, u won’t be the last one” (which was true even tho the store was nearly closing).

Alhamdulillah i finally found the perfect pair (much to my mum’s delight) and i love it very much. it’s beautiful, it’s awesome & it’s a gift from my gorgeous mum. :D

normally it takes me days or weeks & many trips to the shoe shop to finally figure out that, yes, i want this shoe. because the shoe must not be any shoe. it can be any kind of shoe but most importantly, the shoe must “feel right”. sometimes it doesn’t need to take days or weeks to get the shoe.

besides the fit & design, the shoe is like your potential husband.

u can choose the shoe, but the shoe chooses you.

u can like the shoe, but it might not fit you.

u can fall in love with the shoe, but end up disappointed as it doesn’t come in your size. OR SOLD OUT.

the shoe might look good on others, but does not look good on you. on the other hand it might look good on you, but not on others.

sometimes when u look at the shoe at first glance, u don’t like the way it looks. but then u look at the shoe again and wonder, hmm lawa jugak eh? boleh match dengan baju ni, baju tu…

it may take a while to find it but when u find the perfect pair of shoe, it is just that. it is perfect.P.S: All pictures are from Charles&Keith official website

P.P.S: Nope i did not get heels or wedges this time. :)

P.P.P.S: It’s just an analogy, no need to be taken so seriously ;)