Wait for the shade first

Recently picked up this book during my short day trip to m’sia. It’s been long since I read any malay novels so far… I used to loveeee reading them back during sec sch days but now I’m wary when it comes to malay novels coz they have the same ol’ jiwangz plot. So now I pick up something only when it has an Islamic context to it – i find they are more educational that way and don’t just focus on cinta cinta cinta – and that they also focus on CINTA; cinta towards Him and not just merely cinta between guy & girl. What caught my eye was what was written as part of the synopsis at the back;

“Orang tak boleh pandang kita lemah. Kita perempuan Islam yang ada kekuatan dan maruah.” (Translation: We cannot be seen as weak. We are Muslim women with strength and dignity.)

You go girl! That’s y la i was so attracted to this book. anything to the empowering women babeh! part nih je da semangat :D

(oh and actually i also picked up this book coz there was no word “cinta” on it. cinta something or something cinta. heh.)


Tunggu Teduh Dulu by Faisal Tehrani

The book is awesome. It’s about a women, Salsabila Fahim, who starts her papaya plantation business from her late dad’s piece of land back at her kampung,  named “Tunggu Teduh Dulu Sdn Bhd”. The phrase “tunggu teduh dulu” tells of a story in Salsabila’s childhood life. Salsabila has a business partner, Teh Sofia and in the path of her business meets back 2 of her childhood friends whom she grew up with, Lam Ping Hai & Muhammad Kamil.

Now now now, think you know how the story unfolds..? typical malay novel?

Wait up. things are never what they truly seem to be…

So very touching with beautifully scripted words. Yet entertaining with a dose of humor. And inspiring too. With life lessons in between.

“Dunia kita di muka bumi ini hanyalah persinggahan. Kita cuma menunggu berteduh, cukup sahaja bekalan dan tiba masanya, kita juga akan berangkat seperti yang lain-lain.”

“Keyakinan pasangan keberanian”

I researched about the author and found out that he is a critically acclaimed author with controversial topics swarming around his name. Nevertheless his books are definitely captivating and insightful (to me). Hop on to his  blog for updates and commentaries!