Delicious Looking Work Bags.

I’m looking for a classy work bag that can fit everything, you know the ones that can fit an A4 size file and still look elegant. Did some online window shopping therapy and found these delicious looking ones that I like. Well except for the first one, the rest have extremely delicious prices too. Ahh well. One must never stop having the zest to dream.

Yes. Dream big.

Kate Spade NY

Kate Spade NY Mott Street Judd

Kate Spade NY

John Lewis

Aspinal of London

Michael Kors Beige

Michael Kors Slate

At least now I have a rough idea of the kind of bag I want to get. So I shall now embark on a journey to find some alternatives according to my budget. Because nothing beats the ‘real’ window shopping. But the thing about having something in mind is that…you may never actually BUY anything.

Nonetheless. Here’s to getting a step closer to the dream. Off we go.