<3 korean & arabic

annyeonghaseyo! (that’s hello in korean)

so sweet ain’t the both of them. candid & honest & funny.
& even tho khj is sweet as yjh, he is sweeter being himself.


on another note,

when i was at both Masjid Nabawi & Masjidil Haram, it suddenly struck me that these people… these arabs.. these citizens of Makkah.. and those who understand the language, they read the Qur’an like storybooks whereas i struggle to understand it without my tafsir (because i don’t like to read the Qur’an without understanding what i’m reading).

i suddenly remembered my friends who come from madrasah & have learned arabic since they were in primary school – mine kind of stopped in kindergarten & didn’t surface till recently (ok ok so i learned arabic in between that period in part-time madrasah but that was because i had to, not cause i want to. big difference there).

u know how when in primary school, before Malay, Chinese & Indian language were referred to as “Mother Tongue” it was referred to as the “2nd language” (coz the first one we learn is English)?

now shouldn’ t Arabic be our first language?

because from Arab was where Islam came from, an Arab was our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) and in Arab came the first revelation of Islam from Allah to malaikat Jibrail (Iqra’) to Rasulullah s.a.w.

maybe i took a long time to realise this fact but now i have a stronger motivation to learn the language. (:


ahh so much to do & so much to learn! yes yes insyaAllah. fighting!

kamsahamnida! (bye!)