Our new 3-week old "family members".

I never used to love animals. Sure, I don’t hate them (ok except for cockroaches) but I don’t have a natural tendency to, say, keep a kitten whenever I see a cute one that I like.

My younger brother, on the other hand loves animals (ok except for cockroaches too – ironically he’s more scared of them than me *chuckles*). Once during primary school he saw a tiny snail in the school garden and brought it home. But he, funnily enough, put in a small container and placed it outside on the parapet (you know, where birds pass by). Needless to say, it was gone the next day.

(Sorry to make you all feel horrified all of a sudden.)

Moving on, then he discovered a few-days-old kittens in a box at a block near our house and brought it home. But our parents didn’t allow cats in our houses coz the kittens would need to be toilet-trained and kids will usually leave all the taking care stuff.. (don’t know about you, but we were like that haha)

So since he couldn’t keep cats, he then kept turtles. And since turtles are pretty low-maintenance, he was allowed to keep them. We kept them when they were babies till they became adults. Then we let them go at a reservoir where many other turtles stay and mingle with each other.

Fishes came next. There’s now a medium-sized aquarium in my brother’s room and a small fish tank in my living room.

And now we have kittens.

Apparently my brother’s friend’s cat had given birth to four kittens and he gave my brother two of them (ok so he originally wanted to give all four but umm, even my brother thinks its a bit too much). So currently the three of us are taking turns taking care of the adorable little kittens.

They are only 3-weeks old so they sleep a lot, but at night they sleep on time. They will sleep at 10-11pm and wake us all up at 4am. Then they will play a while, get tired, and then go back to sleep and wake up for breakfast. After eating, they will play a while and then poop (Alhamdulillah they are getting used to doing their business in the cat litter! Means less mess for us yey!!!), be cleaned, and then go back to sleep. Super adorable.

But takes SO much time and effort on our part. And because they are so tiny right now and still getting used to navigating around the house, we need to pay them extra attention (you know in case they get stuck in some nook and cranny and cannot get out).

I am by no means their “mother” but just a caregiver, but it makes me really appreciate my parents. How we must have woken them up in the middle of their nights demanding for attention, MashaAllah. And they would wake up, tired, but still do everything possible for us. Sob sob.

The good thing is now I love, love, love these kittens.

They make me happy =)