Sunday Morning

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and I am sitting at McDonalds waiting for Nadia. We are having breakfast cum catch-up before making our way to our Sijil Pengajian Islam class at Pergas. Although I prefer to call it ‘learning about Islam’ classes. Well, that is what I tell my non-Muslim friends anyway. It sounds more informal and more fun isn’t it? ;) If we want others to love Islam, we must explain about Islam in a way that we ourselves would love Islam when we hear it. Do I make sense here? I hope I do!

Speaking about love, I haven’t written about how much I’m loving my Sunday learning about Islam classes! I just started attending them last year in July and in my second semester now. Last semester we had Tafsir, Hadith & Aqidah. While this semester is Fiqh, Tajwid & Riwayat Hidup Rasulullah s.a.w.

Ok breakfast is here! Till later, salam and peace, mardh :)


Crispy Chicken Breakfast Deluxe; shared between two mini-sized hungry girls.