the traveler who is always in love.

At least that is what I like to call myself :)

I am a 20-something Muslim girl living in Singapore and this blog is mainly about 3 things:

love. Love between me and my loved ones as well as love with God.

“The reason for creation is love, which is why the human heart created with the ability of infinite love, can only reach perfection if its possessor directs his tendency towards love of Allah”. (From an excerpt of ‘Purification of the Heart’ by Hamza Yusuf.)

adventure. Occasionally I like to climb walls & mountains, run and cycle. I believe that the jilbab or tudung (headscarf) is no barrier to any kind of adventure one wants to embark. In fact, the only barrier in the way is yourself.

creativity. I love to make things! Crafting, sewing, patchwork, embroidery and all things artsy-fartsy. It is a great creative outlet for me.


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  1. Kiki Jin

    Ha.. love your work very much..

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