What Does the Quran Mean to You?

How does it make you feel? Why does it make you feel the way you do?

Do you have a positive relationship with the Quran? Or a negative one?

How has it impacted your life? In what way?

Does it remind you of certain people? Certain memories?

Has it made you a stronger person? A calmer person?

How often do you reach for it? When do you reach for it?

Which Surah or verse has transformed you?

Peace and Love everyone,

For me personally, reading the Quran calms me down. If I’m experiencing a challenge or difficult situation, I would come across a verse and feel touched, relieved or overwhelmed with mixed emotions. Sometimes, the verse would be one that I have read before but suddenly it has a different meaning to me altogether.

I would love to know the effects of the Quran on other people. And I’m sure we can do our part and inspire each other to love reading the Quran insyaAllah :) So I’ve recently started a new blog called ‘Love Thy Quran’ (www.quranmylove.wordpress.com).

Love Thy Quran aims to be a collection of reflections and sharings on the Quran from people of all walks of life. Many lives have been transformed, many hearts have been soothed, and many souls have been guided by reading, reciting and understanding the Holy Book of Allah.

To read, one does not have to fully understand everything. One does not have to know every meaning. It is not a Tafsir or a Tajweed ‘ilm website, but voices from fellow Muslim brothers and sisters whose life has been impacted by the Quran.

So share with us your stories. It may be how the Quran has impacted your life, how one verse has made you repent or change, your experiences or others’ experiences that you believe will inspire others, what the Quran means to you…

Contributions can be in the form of stories, poems and articles.

Send your sharings to editor.quranmylove@gmail.com :)

Love Thy Quran


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