5 Things I am Thankful For Today.

I used to have a happy bee from ButterBeeHappy, a really cute Gratitude Journal drop me an email every 2 – 3 days reminding me to fill up 5 things I’m happy about today. It can be something you’re thankful for, deliriously happy about, or just something that managed to cheer you up when you were feeling sad or was having a bad day :)

Here’s mine today.

1. Time to spend doing things I enjoy.

2. Receiving sms-es from girlfriends.

3. Having a cup of hot Milo.

4. Typing away because I’m able to own a laptop.

5. Wind in my face.

What’s yours? And hey, it doesn’t have to be a big one. If you start counting the small ones, you’ll realize you have many things to be thankful for :)

Thank you God.


2 responses to “5 Things I am Thankful For Today.

  1. Salam Mardhiah,

    Thanks for posting up the 5 things I am thankful for today. Would love to have that in my entries too to remind me what I should be thankful for. Have a blessed day:)

    • mardmood

      Wsalam Huda,

      You welcome :) We can be thankful for anything and everything actually, even the times when our Iman is at a low. Have a blessed weekend! :)

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