Things We Talk About

With secondary school friends you cannot hide the person whom you were in the past. They know. You know theirs. And if you’ve been close with them, all the more. It can be pretty scary. Besides your family, you have people (who cannot help it) track your changes. Your ups, your downs, your transformation, your makeovers, your excess baggage…

But what’s funny is when you think of the things you talk about.

Secondary school.

We meet everyday.

We talk about Crushes. O Levels. Nicknames. Backstreet Boys. Westlife. How our parents make us do unnecessary housework. “That” guy in school. Art projects. Cliques. Mr Ow. Wednesdays’ Mee Soto. Everybody likes the same things because you’re in the same gang.

Tertiary Period.

We start to meet less and less.

We talk about CCAs. Relationships. Shopping. What to do after graduation. What happened to schoolmates. What happened to that teacher in school. Wonder if Mr Ow remembers us. How’s school? Internships. Part-time & freelance work. You start to develop different interests and passions.

Working Life. Or should I say, Adulthood.

We have to make an effort to meet.

We talk about Weddings. Marriage. How many kids you wanna have. How many kids your ex-schoolmates now have. Housing. How expensive houses cost these days. Yes, Mr Ow can recognise a Pasir-ian long after we have graduated. Teachers seem like they didn’t change. How’s work? You know what you like, and what you don’t. You’re still exploring.

Interesting isn’t it, how they have evolved over the years?

It’s 11 years since secondary school, 7 years since we graduated, and we are still together (how all 6 of us became friends is another story altogether). Despite everything.

I’m amazed.

And thankful.

Alhamdulillah. :)


2 responses to “Things We Talk About

  1. Jamie

    Ohmy! I was tearing when I read the last para before the photo was inserted. I’m definitely thankful and no matter what, we will always be girlfriends forever! :)

    Sayang korang!! :)

    The next phase will be: after marriage, pregnancy and the joy of having kids!! Let’s see who among all of us, will tie the knot first. Heh! :)

    • mardmood


      How much we’ve grown. and we’ll keep growing together..

      Whatever happens, we must stay strong and support each other insyaAllah :)

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