Royal Book Weekend

Last 2 weeks I went to KL with my mum to check out the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair (KLIBF) at PWTC. It was also a weekend getaway and an advanced Mothers’ Day celebration :) Mothers’ Day should be everyday but isn’t it nice for mums to get a day just dedicated to themselves, being pampered and all? After all, do not forget that before she is a mother, she is a woman :)

After breakfast on a Sunday morning in KL.

What made the weekend special was that it was just the two of us, and my first time bringing my mum overseas, albeit a short one. So for most of the trip I was in-charge and it was my first time doing so for my mum, planning, booking and such. I never expected it to be easy but I did not think there were going to be many many challenges! I know this just means I was going to be tested for my intention, sincerity and generosity, and after the trip I was glad it happened. When you want to do something good, you are always, always going to be tested without fail. But as with challenges, there are also many many happy moments He replaces them with :)

Books and Knowledge galore!

Our stash from the book fair. Most of the books were on 15 – 20% discount and many magazine publishers sold their past issues, which I was really excited about since there were some issues that I missed (Left stash is mum’s and Right stash is mine). I also bought a Native Deen CD! I know it was produced years ago but I like the songs and supporting Islamic artists :) One of the best part of the trip was that we stayed at Seri Pacific Hotel, which was literally beside PWTC and overlooking the twin towers (it was pretty far from KLCC tho but just in front of The Mall).

Photo from

We spent the weekend watching the Royal wedding at CNN (this is like old news but I simply adore her dress), dining at Kenny Rogers’ Roasters, shopping, and basically treating ourselves like royalty – of course the Queen here is my mum ;) Well, at the end of the trip the “Queen” said thank you for bringing her and more – and that made this princess as happy as a bee.


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