Mango Cheesecake and Polling Day

Today is 7 May 2011 and it is Polling Day! And tomorrow is Mothers’ Day.

So I am commemorating my first-time voting with my first-time attempt Mango Cheesecake! (Both feels sweet, sour, refreshing and familiar.) Ok not really, it’s actually my mum’s request for Mothers’ Day, but 2-in-1 also can lah~ Due to my recent baking frenzy, my mum has *unabashedly kindly* requested for a Cheesecake since it is her favorite type of cake. I decided to try anyway since I had never made cheesecake before and I also do love cheesecake! Alhamdulillah this one seems to be a success! It looks good…but I have not tasted it yet. Hopefully it tastes good as well hehe :)

UPDATED: Tasted already! Because I didn’t add in gelatine (used as a stabilizer), the cheesecake turned out to be like ICE-CREAM CAKE! And it was so gooood! (But as a result it has to be freezed when not eaten as it can melt easily, as compared to normal cheesecakes). Okay so it may not turn out as perfect looking as the book…but it’s mine and imperfect and I LIKE IT THE WAY IT IS! Oh don’t mind me, I am just simply over the moon that I finally had the courage to make cheesecake (I always have a feeling that store-made and other people’s cheesecakes would taste better than mine) :D

One thing I like about baking – always learn something new unexpected.

This year’s Mothers’ Day Cake for the family – what makes it special is that it’s homemade ♥

Love my whole family for gobbling it all up and finishing every slice. Thank you everyone in the family, HUGS & KISSES TO ALL OF U! ♥

Happy Mothers’ Day to all mothers in the world!

And vote wisely! Hehehe just had to add that ;)


2 responses to “Mango Cheesecake and Polling Day

  1. Mashallah looks like a lovely cheesecake. What were you voting for?

    • simplymardy

      Salam reader from England! :)

      Thank u! Oh today in Singapore is the polling/voting day for the General Elections.

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