Chocolate Mint Meringue Cookies

Before that lemme share with u the show that got me hooked into baking! It’s Baker King Kim Tak Goo! This korean drama is AWESOME I tell u…plus I like that guy’s happy face haha :D

To be honest I never really liked baking that much. Sure, I would bake occassionally for Hari Raya or unless I had a purpose, like baking for YEP sale but never for fun and this often. Rachael Ray likes to ask this question to her guests: Are u more of a baker or a cook? Bcoz in baking u need to be specific, from the ingredients to the temperature etc but cooking u can sort of mix everything in and cover ur mistakes (like if u accidentally added more salt u can add in sugar to balance the taste but u can’t do that in baking as the cookie/cake would already be gone case). I would say I am more of a cook because I never really had the patience to be “specific” (haiya just “throw” in everything so much easier right?) but watching that drama makes me realize the beauty of patience in baking. Furthermore when u put your heart and a little bit more effort into it, u can taste the difference.

What mardy, more meringue cookies???

Well u know what they say, practice makes perfect. For this I added in peppermint extract – how many drops depends on how “minty” u want it to taste – followed by finely chopped chocolate slices and sprinkled cocoa powder on top. Lovely! Personally I prefer this one than the orange ones I made previously, but then again this is because I’m always biased towards anything with chocolate and mint!

I like it best eaten fresh out of the oven when it’s crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside (when u can taste the melted chocolate yummy…) but my sister on the other hand prefers it when its crispy both on the outside and the inside – this can be achieved leaving it in the fridge overnight.

So enjoy it any way u want it, with a cup of tea, coffee or anything u fancy :)


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