Orange Flavoured Meringue Cookies

My own Orange Flavoured Meringue Cookies in a jar. Inspired by the rainbow I saw last Sunday, I wanted to make colored meringues! So I made 2 colors – yellow and peach, and instead of adding Vanilla essence, cornflakes and chocolate slices, I added in Orange extract and Orange juice. This was my 2nd attempt, the first one was unsuccessful as the cookies turned brown and left no traces of the original color (too high temperature) and also turned out deflated (inconsistent egg white batter texture).

Instead of scooping off with a spoon, I tried piping the egg white batter this time. But since I don’t have a proper baking pastry bag, I used a small transparent plastic bag and cut a small corner at the end. Anyway don’t u think this one looks like a chick? So cute!

And this one looks like a Hershey Kisses choc!

Now my makeshift cookie jar is filled :) Im planning to make other colors and flavours – maybe Choc Mint and/or Coffee..mmm that will be for my next potluck coz I can’t possibly eat all this by my own – too much sugars (but then again, I can…hehe) and my family will soon get sick of eating too much of these lovelies again and again.


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