I think I am obsessed with meringues

Festive Meringues. So colorful I like!


Raspberry Meringue. Perfect for Mothers’ Day!


Meringue Smooches. Muah!


Meringue Hearts with Strawberry Yoghurt topping


Yesterday I made my usual Meringue with Dark Chocolate slices for the long-awaited girlfriends’ gathering cum ooh-ing & aah-ing at twin babies, at Afifah’s house and they loved it. I love it that they love it. And I love it that I’m getting better at making them that I do not have to re-make them (the first times were needless to say, atrocious. Getting the egg white consistency takes practice!). Kak Aya brought her home-made Cranberry Bread that she baked and it was superb i tell u…superb! Can’t stop thinking bout it actually..the sweet & sour cranberries + walnuts…mmm…yummy…

Anyway, now I can’t stop thinking about making other types and colours of meringues, especially after I saw the rainbow last Sunday which inspired me to do so. I am tempted to try making Macarons, which I believe is many steps more challenging than making meringues, but one at a time babeh.

Macarons. Just looking at them makes me excited!


2 responses to “I think I am obsessed with meringues

  1. Huda Lee

    Your meringues were good:)

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