Destination Krabi: Last Day

5th day – 21 dec 2010 Tuesday – Last day

Last shots of us and our Tanamas House

All of us felt miserable and so tak semangat that it was ending. Not only was it our first holiday together (ADC camps not counted), it was also the longest time we've spent with each other ever since we graduated from NYP four years ago. If not for vacations like this, we only meet for coffee dates since we're busy with work and other commitments. So that's why we were feeling sad and dreading the last day..

Enjoying tea outside, ahh...blissful & soothes the sadness away..

Next destination girls? :D

Back to the land of many many buildings

Even though we were sad to end it, we were really happy and proud that we finally made it happen! After all, planning a trip is not easy what more with just us three girls. The real journey started when we started planning in end October and there were many challenges and tests that we had to go through! From a clash of opinions to disagreements to unexpected circumstances and to us being first-timers.

So much so that we feared this trip wouldn’t happen…But then we realized it was all Allah’s attempt to strengthen our relationship with each other and learn so many things about one another that we never even thought existed! (Even though we’ve been through camps together, there’s always something more u thought u knew but never knew about your friends).

Alhamdulillah it’s been such a blessing to have these 2 beautiful ladies in my life and I’m thankful He allowed this trip to happen. I’m always going to remember this trip as it was our first-time. Hopefully it won’t be the last but at least we’ll still have this in our memories in 10, 20, 30 years to come. And perhaps when we are older and traveling with our families, we’ll see 3 young ladies traveling, only having one another for support and remember us and our courage so many years ago. Here’s to more trips like this in the future, insyaAllah :)

Destination Krabi: Day 1

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