Destination Krabi: Day 3

If a reader has to remind me where in the world is Day 3…then that’s hilarious. Haha. So i’m back from Jakarta & now busy with job-hunting! I am looking for a job in the Corporate/Management side (promote sekejap ye kawan-kawan, thank u very much).

Okay let’s begin with Day 3 (and 4, & 5 as well!)

3rd day – 19 dec 2010 Sunday

We start off Day 3 with our hearty breakfast as per usual as we were gonna be doin some pretty heavy duty activities this day. We were going RIVER RAFTING IN PHANGA BAY! Just remembering it right now makes me excited all over again!

Around 8.15AM someone from the river rafting company came to fetch us from our hotel with a van. There were 6 other passengers inside and we began a 1.5 hrs journey towards the destination, at Phang Nga Bay. This is at the river rafting lobby in which we were gathered with many other tourists and river rafting enthusiasts.

Since we opted for ONLY river rafting - u could choose to do ATV, elephant trekking as well - the tour guide brought us to the waterfalls first. Combined with the coolness of the morning, the water was FREEZING COLD! Every step we took into the waters was accompanied with "SEJUUUKKKKKKKKKK!"

NO, this is not because i'm short but because the area where i'm standing is actually deeper than where wanis & hazzy are standing, as can be seen in the water's color difference. In the next picture u can see how deep the waterfall can get.

TADA! See it is not just me being short etc but both of us were actually tip-toeing there. If i were to release my hand from the rocks, I would be completely submerged inside. But actually it was really fun AND not to mention VERY COLD.

With Afsha & family who were our rafting companions for the day. Afsha and her family are Pakistani Muslims residing in England. She & her hubby were like our temporary parents for the day. They were so much fun to be with! They were holidaying in Thailand for 3 weeks. Such a sporting family, they went to New Zealand for White Water Rafting few years ago..we got inspired to go there after listening to their stories. We remind Afsha of herself when she was our age & she traveled with her girlfriend too, just the 2 of them..

I don't have any pics of us in the raft since we couldn't bring in our cameras but this is how it looks like! It was my first time river rafting and I LOVE IT! We chose the 5km journey but wished it could've been longer... Photo from -

I just think this is a pretty interesting sight, being a city girl n all. How often do u see elephants walking down the street?

After river rafting the guide brought us to a complementary visit to Monkey Cave. Said name is due to the many monkeys in the area. We explored the inside and the deeper u get, the darker it gets that we even found a whole lot of bats sleeping above us. Seeing the bats sleeping upside down clinging on the ceilings of the cave, it felt just like in horror house movies!

Monkey playground! Anyway, as mentioned before the three of us occasionally got mistaken as Thai Muslims and here, we were greeted by a hijab-wearing grandma and her hubby who stayed nearby the cave. The grandma was talking to us in Thai (!) while we just looked at her smiling innocently since we did not know what to reply.

"Home" for 3 days and 2 nights...we really made it like home sweet home.

Dinner at Sharefa Restaurant, a quaint little cozy street stall away from the crowds. The food was superb and best of all, inexpensive. I had Pad Thai Noodles, & now looking at it i'm getting hungry...

THE Spicy Tom Yam. This is tha bomb! The real thing! Why so? Because I think generally all Tom Yams in Thailand are tasty but not all Tom Yams are spicy, and compared to the one we had on our first day at a more expensive restaurant, this one was really3 hot that we couldn't even finish it.

A short walk after wards accompanied by last min shopping and we went for our last activity in Krabi – Thai Massage! After snorkeling & river rafting, it was really good to have our bodies kneaded back into shape and just relax and enjoy our last night in Krabi since we were going to Phuket the next day…

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