Destination Krabi: Day 2

Day 2 – 18 DECEMBER 2010 – MY 23rd BIRTHDAY! Weeeee! I spent my 23rd snorkeling at Phi Phi Island! (I just LOVE how that sounds :D)

We started off with a hearty western breakfast provided by the hotel. Isn't the menu so old skool? I love it. We chose everything except for the sausages as it wasn't Halal. Even tho it was a simple breakfast, it was really delish!

After breakfast, at ard 8.15AM a big Tuk-Tuk came to fetch us from our hotel and brought us to Nopparat Beach, to the boats for our Island Hopping. We were really (X100) egg-cited!

The journey starts now! First off was to Bamboo Island...and already we were awed by the gorgeous turqoise blue waters. We also passed by many limestones otw..feeling very blessed to be within Allah's beautiful lands.

Next stop was Maya Bay, which was popularised by the movie "The Beach" starring Leonardo Dicaprio back when he was much younger. I never watched the movie, but i get why this beach was chosen. The waters were warm & very clear. It's just divine :)

Bringing a lil bit of Sarangheyo! everywhere we go! Hehehe. *Sarangheyo = I love you in Korean (This is a product of watching too many Korean dramas & K-pop).

In a beachful of bikinis, here we are all covered up in our Muslimah version of swimsuits. We were the rare ones obviously but there was no need to feel any different since we're all created from the same Being and everyone came for one purpose, to enjoy the beach :D


Of course what is Island Hopping without the snorkelling right? So we headed over to Phi Phi Island to snorkel! This was clearly my favourite part of the whole trip, hands down. The last time I snorkeled was in secondary school donkey years ago so I was kinda scared at first. Especially since the boat will suddenly stop and the tour guide says, "Okay u can snorkel here. I give u 30 mins." I was like, huh? R u serious??? Just like that? But once I got into the was a different story altogether! Colourful fishes & I really enjoyed the tranquility of being underwater. It was such an awesome experience I wana do it again and again! XD

All the snorkelling made us all hungry and we headed off to lunch (provided by the tour), still at Phi Phi Island. FYI, Alhamdulillah they serve Halal food but u gotta just double check with the tour company beforehand - we were fortunate to get a tour company that was run by Thai Muslims so we did not have to worry about the food. A lot of the tour companies stop here for lunch as well so it was pretty crowded but we had the opportunity to meet many other tourists from other countries. Not surprisingly, most thought we were from Malaysia coz of our hijab. But all's well ends well, a little chat breaks the ice (and misconception) :)

At Phi Phi Island they had plentiful of rest benches & a couple of small village-like chill out areas where we rested for a while after eating & the half-day activities. This island used to be filled with many hotels and other buildings before the tsunami, but now there's only the lunch corner and a few shops. The last stop after this the middle of the sea! For more snorkelling of course, but this time for an hour. Some people on our boat didn't continue coz they were tired, but I couldn't miss another opportunity knowing we don't have waters like this in Singapore! So we snorkeled until our hands were wrinkled (from being in the water for too long).

The island tour ended around 4PM and after washing up we had our "home-cooked" maggi mee dinners (wanted to save $$$), followed by snacking on the famous Thai Pancakes - actually it's something like prata but 10X more crispy and sooo many variety of flavors! from Banana Chocolate (my absolute fave) to Tuna with Cheese. When u are in Krabi or Phuket, this is a MUST!

We also did some shopping for ourselves and our family & friends. Bargaining is a very (X10) important skill here, especially since most shops sell pretty much similar things. I got myself a Dry pack as a birthday present for myself! It was 300THB, which is only SGD$12. In SG it would cost ard SGD$30-40++.

Last but not least, those 2 girls surprised me with a mini birthday celebration for my 23rd! They surprised me with this cake & "candles" after I came out of the toilet. Haha. I can imagine them scrambling quickly trying not to make me suspect anything. Haha! Thank you girls, you're the best! Much love XOXOXOXO

So that’s the end of Day 2, which was so fun and extremely tiring (not to mention overcoming the seasickness in the boat). Stay tuned for Day 3, river rafting! XD

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5 responses to “Destination Krabi: Day 2

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  2. Flubbergas

    Hi, I would like to know how much u spent overall? I want to go there but I’m afraid its over my budget..

    • simplymardy

      hi there, ard $700 – $800. but that’s coz we went during the holiday season. i’ve heard from friends who went during off-peak season that they’ve spent lesser.

      best of luck! :)

  3. Salam Mardy,

    Destination Krabi: Day 3? Nada? hehe

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