Solat is bonding.

Abdullah bin Mas’ud had asked the Prophet (PBUH), “Which deed is the dearest to Allah?”

The Prophet (PBUH) replied, “To offer As-Salat (the prayers) at their early stated fixed times.”

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Honestly, when I was writing the article it was like a “slap” to my face – it’s like Allah wanted to let me know that I have been somewhat taking my prayers for granted, like not praying on time.

Then I felt sad, because there have been countless times He has shown His love for me (like purposely making the SBS bus come late when I wanted to go to this shop at Simei and while I was grumbling about it – which made me go back home as I was frustrated with the late bus, I later realized it was His way of telling me not to go because guess what, the shop had actually moved to another location and I was unaware about it.)

Then I got it that if you don’t pray, you’re seriously missing out.

Missing out on bonding with Allah s.w.t. Why so?

Solat is the basis and foundation of our relationship with Allah and the thing about relationships, any relationship, is that it takes continuous small steps to build a strong relationship.

It takes many many many steps to “get there.” Just ask a long-time married couple and they’ll tell you that.

So that is why we have to keep making these steps to strengthen our relationship with Allah.

Which is why if you miss out on your solat, you’re missing out on that bonding time with Him.

And hey, that’s a pretty big deal.


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