Destination Krabi: Day 1

So it finally happened, our first all-girls overseas holiday together! Weeee~~~

Last December for 5 rocking days!!! (i’m only blogging it now -_-)

We rock! \m/

So we began our journey on Friday 17 December and had an afternoon AirAsia flight to Phuket following a 2-hr ride to Krabi Baan Purr hotel. Budget airline Tiger Airways, monopolizing the only direct Sg to Krabi flight had racked up ridiculous flight prices hence the alternative.

Day 1 – 17 Dec 2010 – Friday

So this is us all set to go! At Changi Airport before departing. Happy, Excited, Anxious, Nervous, Scared, Brave...

We arrived at our hotel at Krabi, Baan Purr Room & Bar, around 5pm and did not do much for the first day but settled down and explored the streets of Ao Nang Beach as well as book for the next day activity – Phi Phi Island Hopping, at one of the many travel agencies along Ao Nang street.

Settled down at the lobby and picked up many pamphlets of day tours & what u can do in Krabi...Among them are Island Hopping (with or without snorkeling), River Rafting, Elephant Trekking and ATV (something like motocross but with 4-wheels).

Part of the hotel lobby, which is mostly decorated in white. It's very cozy :)

A glimpse of the streets of Ao Nang, which has a laidback & relaxing vibe.

The outside of our hotel at night. It's only 3 storeys high (basement, ground floor & 2nd level) and there are only 12 rooms available which makes it a very cozy place to stay. We got a room at the basement level which turned out to be awesome coz it wasn't noisy as there were bars beside our hotel. So Alhamdulillah, we got to sleep soundly zzz...

Then we had our dinner at CHABI seafood. Didn’t take pictures coz we were too hungry! There is a substantial of Muslim population in Krabi so we did not have to worry about not finding Halal food stalls. The only thing is that there are Halal restaurants catered to Caucasians (Halal but with beer & non-spicy Tom Yam – no fun & more expensive) and there are those catered for locals (no beer, authentic spicy x 10 Tom Yam & very cheap) so you have to look out for it.

Since it was our first day and none of us had been here before, we made the mistake of dining at the former food stall. It was a big blow to our budget but ah well, a lesson learnt! That is what travelling with friends is about anyway, getting lost & making mistakes together :)

We brought our own stock of food in case we got hungry in the middle of the night, or too tired to buy food, & also to save $$$... Even tho it's just Maggi, but we had Kimchi flavour, Chicken flavor and also Maggi Goreng!

Our island hopping trip would start at 8.30am so after a whole day of journey & getting full, we went to sleep…

Oh so was pretty hard to wake up the next morning ^_^

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5 responses to “Destination Krabi: Day 1

  1. Hi Mardy,

    Happen to come across ur blog via your pretty artwork! Love the post on ur Krabi trip, looking forward to more articles. :)

    Audrey (From SIM-RMIT) Lovian group. :)

    • simplymardy

      Hi Audrey!

      Hey didn’t know u had a blog too! Let’s link each other! Ooooh thanks, yeah too many photos makin me feel super lazy to blog LOL but have to for memories sake.

      Catch up soon girl! :D

  2. I’ve linked u too. :)

    Stay in touch. :)

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