22 in 2010

Since my birthday falls in December, this practically sums up my year. So here it is, 22 things I did when I was 22.

1. Krabi. First all-girls trip this December with Hazwani & Wanis

2. Ledang. First time co-leading a mountain climbing expedition

3. Phuket. First trip to Thailand with family in June

4. Stong. Most challenging but also most touching mountain xpdc

5. Melaka. Year-end holiday with the whole family.

6. Project 9LOVE. Mothers’ day pillow mini biz with Syah.

7. 3rd Adidas Sundown 10k. Time to level it up a notch.

8. Spent my birthday snorkeling at Phi Phi Island among rainbow colored fishes. Beautiful experience.

9. Invited my Chinese, Myanmar & Vietnam friends to my house this Hari Raya.

10. Back to specs after contacts. Funky black & green specs.

11. Had the best exam results this year. Awesome. Also had the worst too..

12. (Just) Graduated from school/college. Woah.

13. Spent a night alone at Dairy Farm. 2 hrs is enuf.

14. Had a quiet, spiritual Ramadhan. Instead of busying myself with the many activities like Ramadhan camps etc.

15. Cycled at Nai Yang, Phuket like a local. Best.

16. Tried hazel colored contacts for the first time during Eid. Not a fave.

17. Wrote an article for BH for a Ramadhan/Eid feature.

18. Since one of the interviewees for the article was OVA, I end up purchasing, a first time, a princessy pink & brown long dress from there. Love it so much!

19. Teach my grandma read Malay Language. She used to teach me reading the Holy Quran when I was younger. Circle of life.
20. Bought my first own blackberry backpack. Super awesome.

21. Re-connected with my best friend from primary school. Although we’ve been friends since pri sch & live near each other, its only this year that our mums finally met each other after so long. Happy.

22. Being contribution to my loved one’s & other people’s lives. :)

Alhamdulillah, my 22 was awesome and so is 2010. Insyaallah being 23 in 2011 will be filled with many happy times, blessings and a notch up on my faith. Ameen!


4 responses to “22 in 2010

  1. mdhilwan

    lol! :) nice (and entertaining [from a readers perspective]) way to end 2010 by recounting all the good n blessed things that had happened…

    • simplymardy

      yup2 very important to count one’s blessings for the past 365 days :) keeps u in check & also excited for more. happy new year to u too!

  2. Marliyana

    Woah, Kak Mardh, your 22nd sure sounds AWESOME!! :D

  3. simplymardy

    thanks marl :)

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