My Phuket Trip Day 4 – Going back

We had an early morning flight back to Singapore on the last day. So didn’t go anywhere before leaving.. just packing up, breakfast & just jalan-jalan around the hotel while waiting for the van to pick us up and send us to the airport.

Pretty sad actually. The going back from holiday feeling..

Around the resort. Andaman Cannasia has beautiful resort infrastructure that you have to explore to discover! Here is at the stairs leading to the hotel spa. I feel like I’m in an enchanted garden..I just need a princess costume and a tiara :P

On a reflective note, I’m happy that we got the opportunity & rezki to explore another part of Allah’s lands Alhamdulillah. As I travel more, my love for traveling also grows more and more. And when you travel for the sake of Allah s.w.t, you get to enjoy the sweetness of traveling. Everything around you, you relate to Him. Being a Muslim, life has purpose. Purpose beyond the confines of this Earth. Purpose towards the Hereafter. Even traveling has purpose. I love that.

However, I feel that of all places to travel to, nothing beats being in the sacred lands and I am thankful that I’ve been given the chance to know how it feels and appreciate it. I pray that I will be given the opportunity & rezki to perform my Hajj with my family and this time around, for me to be able to sponsor my mum instead. Looking at the people going to Hajj recently, makes me really want to go..InsyaAllah with His will, anything is possible.

Meanwhile, La Tahzan! (Don’t be sad!) I’m excited for an upcoming trip this December. The planning itself is nerve-wrecking and at the same time exciting. It’s going to be a new discovery for me and for all of us. InsyaAllah I will write about it soon :)


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