My Phuket Trip Day 3 – Fish Spa!

Day 3 was filled with a half day City Tour to interesting places in Phuket and finally spending time at the beach!

First stop was Karon View Point where we got to see awesome bird’s eye view of the scenery in Phuket. It was really breathtaking! Subhanallah :)

Next up was the Kinnaree Elephant Trekking, it’s like a playground for elephants.. You can ride the elephants, feed them which is what we did, and also watch an Elephant Show.

Then we went to Sri Bhurapha Orchid, a cashewnut factory. This one was really fun as we got to sample the different types and flavours of cashewnuts that the factory produces fresh from the oven! From the natural ones to salted, buttered, sesame and honey, chocolate, garlic, chilli, and my favourite, honey cashewnuts..they were superbly delicious snack it was so addictive that we bought some packets of various flavors.

The factory even produces cashewnut drinks! Sedap sesedap sedapnye… At first we were quite apprehensive coz we were scared it might taste horrible or we’re not accustomed to the taste.. but it turned out to be so nice! It had a sweet and sour flavor (masam-masam manis), an awesome thirst-quencher that you can’t find in Singapore.

Speaking of honey, the tour led us to a honey factory! Besides the usual intro about honey & its benefits etc, we couldn’t help but notice the tubs of honey flavored ice-cream outside the intro room. They had milk honey, chocolate honey, yogurt honey and passionfruit honey ice-creams and each of us bought every flavor…Masyaallah in words of Barney the purple dinosaur, it was super-dee-duper-licious!

The last stop was a t-shirt factory where according to the sales person (who is a Muslim lady wearing tudung), they produce t-shirts for big companies such as Hard Rock Cafe. Anyway isn’t this print of the elephant just so cute???

The city tour ended around 4+ and since we had the remaining evening to ourselves, some of us went to the beach!

But sayang, we only got to spend around half an hour..and then it rained. Oh well. At least we got to take jump shots!

On our way to dinner that night, we passed by this pancake’s like prata but much more crispy. The guy will cut the pancake into little square pieces for easy eating. At first we only bought one to share among us – the banana pancake costing 35 baht ($1.50), but after we finished it in just a few secs, we went back for more..a LOT more..and tried the other flavors as well. Best eaten when it’s hot! Day 3 was like food day. Everything sedap!

While our aunts and grandma went to massage and spa… us cousins also went to a spa. The Fish Spa. All of us had never tried it before and were excited, nervous and scared to do so. Especially me. Being the oldest, I’m like the captain of the gang. So I have to go first then they will be reassured. Haha. When I sat at the bench before putting my legs into the water, I was soooo scared! Look at those harmless little fishes trying to bite old skin omg! I was feeling so geli! Then when I put my feet into the water and the fishes “attack” my feet, it was really ticklish and geli so I took my feet off the water coz I couldn’t stand it! Haha…

Then everyone (my aunts, uncle & grandma decided to watch us soak our feet inside first before going for their massages) kept encouraging me to relax and let the fishes do their thing. In the end we persevered, with lots of giggles and squeals for the whole 15 mins of having our dead skin being removed. Actually after a while the feeling is okay, not ticklish and so geli anymore. While we had our feet soaked inside, there was a Caucasian family who passed by the place and 2 of their boys also tried the fish spa. But after like 10 seconds they gave up! They were like, “eewww dad, it’s attacking my feet! get it off me!” its was really funny watching them and at the same time comforting to see that we persevered better than them. Yatta!

After we had our feet cleaned and massaged by tiny but powerful fishes, we had dinner at this restaurant where they provided games like Connect 4. I used to have this when I was in primary school but haven’t played it ever since. So fun!  So that’s the end of Day 3..

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