My Phuket Trip Day 2 – River Island

Day 2 was filled with an off-island and island tour. We started off with a sumptuous breakfast before leaving.

The usual suspects of croissants, pancakes, cereal, toast, scrambled eggs & fruits. Andaman Cannacia hotel restaurant is not Halal, so we had informed the staff regarding our food preferences. And since Thailand is home for many Muslims, the hotel staff understood our concern and showed us the food that we could and couldn’t eat (one of their food on the buffet spread was fried rice with pork).

Isn’t this pretty? This bowlful of colourful ixoras was in the washroom..i simply love the little touches!

The first stop of the tour was to Monkey Cave. Above picture is inside and outside the cave respectively (that’s my aunt taking video). It is very cooling inside and there are many statues of buddhas and also lots of monkeys! When we went in, the monkeys watched our every moves which is why we were not allowed to bring plastics in case they mistook it for food and attack us. But if you don’t disturb them, they will just leave you alone and kepo-kepo.

After that we went on board a bumboat towards a floating restaurant for lunch before proceeding on our Island Tour. That’s also when we met our tour guide, Happy. Yeah he really asked us to call him Happy and true to his name, he’s always happy and cheery! But we didn’t take picture of him tho.

During the 30 min river ride, we passed by many limestones and beautiful sceneries along the way. That’s my cousin (first picture), sister (with the shades), my aunt and uncle happily enjoying the ride.

We finally reached the floating restaurant where we had our lunch of fresh seafood, tom yam (its a must in Thai!) and walked around the floating village as there were a number of shops selling many goodies including freshwater pearls which was a favourite among my aunts.

Next stop was James Bond Island! This was where one of the 1974 Bond film “The Man with the Golden Gun” was shot hence the famous name.

Fun shot! This one action only bouldering…

Next we went sea canoeing! But we weren’t the ones canoeing as there was a driver per canoe which can fit 2 – 3 people each. The canoe driver brought us to parts of the sea we wouldn’t get to explore with a normal boat, like these stalactite/stalagmite cave in which we had to duck our heads when passing through as it was very low..

Most of the canoe drivers including ours, was a Muslim guy and he was excited to see us Muslims especially with our tudungs hence they kept saying Assalamualaikum to us. One young canoe driver even fall for my cousin and kept teasing her along the way..which was actually pretty irritating haha.

So that’s the end of the whole day tour on Day 2…after that we bought food from street shops and had dinner in our hotel room.

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