My Phuket Trip Day 1 – Sawadika~

Feeling dismayed at how little I blogged about my trip to Phuket last June, my sister complained about how little our fun experiences (we even went to a fish spa for the first time!) were recorded. So here is a detailed version of the fun filled short holiday.


After a 45-min JetStar flight from Changi Airport, we reached Phuket International Airport followed by an hour ride to our hotel Andaman Cannacia Resort & Spa at Kata Beach.

At hotel entrance.

We were greeted by a cute elephant inside our hotel room. Reminds me of Jumbo the cartoon elephant.

Our hotel’s location is pretty peaceful, with rooms overlooking the sea and being quite a distance from the beach, around 10 – 15 mins walk or a 5 min Tuk-Tuk ride. It’s convenient to nearby eating places and massages, but a 30 min ride to the town brings you to busier streets where it’s more “happening”. But also because of the intended peaceness, its located atop a hill so we had to walk up & down a short steep slope which can be pretty taxing. So most of the time, we just took a free shuttle Tuk-Tuk provided by the hotel to get to nearby places.

First day was pretty relaxed. Upon reaching, we just lazed around our rooms (it was raining when we reached so we couldn’t go out), went swimming in the evening when the rain had stopped and went out to have dinner and explore Phuket town.

This is at Jung Ceylon, one of the shopping malls at Phuket town. We did not shop here tho coz things there are expensive. Its not hard to find Halal food in Phuket, as there were a number of shops and restaurants selling Halal food and we had dinner at this middle eastern restaurant eating fresh seafood and of course, authentic Thai tom yam!

Sawadika! Only in Thailand can you find a Ronald McDonald doing that. After dinner we went back to our hotel, watched a bit of KBS and slept a super restful sleep in the rooms..End of Day 1

(Sidetrack: But I’d have to agree with my sis tho. When I read it back, I realized my previous entry about Phuket was so boring! I’m also annoyed when I wanna read about other people’s holiday experiences or research about a new destination, and they blog so little about it. It’s nice to get info directly from people’s experiences especially if its a location you’re planning to explore.)

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  1. Huda Lee

    Oh ya…thats true..

    Then I should write more about my trips too. Hehe…

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