Stonged, Once More

Here’s a recap of my recent expedition to Mt. Stong – “Stong or Bust!” lest I forget in times to come.

A team that prays together, stays together… Insyaallah. That’s Aziah as the imam. Subuh at Masjid Dabong near the train station, at the start of our trip. Everyone was still sleepy and groggy from the 12-hrs overnight train ride from Sg to Dabong, Kelantan.

Went caving first as per usual to Gua Gelap and Gua Keris, but no Gua Ikan no more but if i’m not wrong, we went to Gua Pagoh(?). Here is where I got bitten by a leech in the morning – but did not realise it until late afternoon when we were started our hike up to Baha Base Camp. In case you’ve never seen a leech in action, let me show u…

There – that little brownish black thingy over at Adyna’s elbow. It clings on to you until it finishes sucking your dirty blood and once it’s full, it drops on its own. The thing about this little bloody creature is that it works silently, so you may not even realise it’s on you! It’s really tiny but gradually gets bigger with more food intake (read: more blood sucked). As for me, it’s the first time a leech manage to cling on my knee for a long time and left me a small reddish brown scar. Although you don’t feel it doing its business, just the sight of it is enough to make me squirm. Ok moving on to less icky stuff..

At the summit of Mt. Ayam! Which is higher than Gunung Baha and Stong. Duno why its called Ayam, but as high as it is, I still prefer the view at Baha.

We camped out one night here, and it was superrrr freezing cold. According to Jah our ranger, the temperature can reach as low as 7 degree celcius! I brought 2 jackets knowing the coldness of Stong, and it was still not enough! When we woke up in the morning, the breeze was extremely cool. Ni kalau kat Everest mesti sejuk giler yang sangat sangat kan?

Just after sunrise. There’s nothing like mugs of hot Milo and Old Town White coffee in Hazelnut flavour in the cold morning by the summit of gunung baha to awaken your senses for the day. After this my fave part – the waterfalls!

What’s In A Name?

Team Superwoman <3 That’s my group with 5 beautiful ladies + 1 beautiful facilitator. I told them having a good name for your team defines you and can really lift your spirits up – just like how your parents give you good names when you were born because they want you to be beautiful just like your beautiful names. I’ve grown to love every single one of them even though they may be irritating and piss me off at times. But all in all, they’re good kids. InsyaAllah they’ll grow up to be beautiful human beings with much love, faith and blessings.

The other 2 faci sisters – I’m so thankful that I had them with me throughout the whole expedition. Relish the power of sisterhood! :D Alhamdulillah <3

VIPs. Chey step mane nye important people… Hehe. Organisers, Facis and Rangers Ayie, Ed and Jah (3 from the right).

And lastly, the whole team of Stong or Bust. It was a first for most of them, and everyone survived! Alhamdulillah no injured parites and we came back with the same number of people. I hope everyone came back with something(s) to takeaway from the expedition and awesome memories insyaallah. :)


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