My new Blackberry

Blackberry Black Granite that is. A backpack, not a phone ;)

I’ve just finished packing my backpack for another trip to Gunung Stong at Dabong, Kelantan tomorrow till next Saturday as a faci accompanying a group of students. Unlike previous expeditions, I’m finally going with my own backpack (before this I’ve always borrowed from other people who are generous enough to lend me one) and it’s a Deuter Venture 35 plus 10 litre extendable that comes with a rain cover and many other features (lazy to explain, see here).

Well actually me being me, the best thing i like about the bag is that it’s a shade of purple and maroon! Or Blackberry, as stated on the tag. Even the name macham power.. “Blackberry Black Granite” (as you can see I’m still excited about my new bag). Alhamdulillah with the help of Aziah’s bargaining skills, I manage to get it according to my budget of $150.00 at Beach Rd – it was selling at a ridiculous 200+ & the offer price was not too discounted either. So Alhamdulillah. I’m so happy! :D

The thing about buying something like this is that you have to love it otherwise you’re not gonna want to use it, especially when it requires you spending a considerable amount of money on it. I’m gonna be using this bag not just for expeditions but also for travelling & holiday purposes insyaallah.

Alrite then, till next week~

Check out my expedition to Mt. Stong 2 years ago – Stonged, Finally!


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