Today shall be a happy day full of blessings and love

…and every day should be that way too.

Yesterday i posted this on my fb wall and yesterday was indeed a happy day full of blessings and love :)

  • I happily discovered that I had $20 Fairprice vouchers in my bag! My mum had given them to me after receiving it and i had kept it in the zipped pocket of my bag..and forgotten abt it all along til yesterday when i ‘discovered’ it. Aha! Rezki! I was planning to buy some stuff after studying at school & hvg the voucher means i get to save 20 bux. Weee~
  • So i was deciding between Eunos & Tampines ntuc as they r the nearest to my hse. Ultimately i chose Eunos which turned out to be a blessin coz…
  • I bumped into tifah & dy! (who were on a shopping mission). The thing is, i hadn’t met dy in a long time due to her busy work schedule and out of all places I had to bump into her at where else? Joo Chiat. The day before i even bumped into syah at Royal Plaza on Scotts! All this bumping-bumping.. Coincidences? No freakin way.
  • Which leads me to the next point. I had been searching for Maher Zain’s cd titled Thank You Allah and the last time i drop by Toko Warisan book centre, it was sold out. But yesterday, to my utmost delight there simply waiting for me in the cd row, was THE LAST COPY OF THE CD. It was like it was meant to be. For ME. It’s like Allah was speaking to me saying, “See? I make u wait doesn’t mean that I disappoint u..I just wanted to make u truly know the meaning of sabr and reward u more for that. When u’ve waited long enough for something, u’ll appreciate it more.” Hehe. Yuppo I’m listening to the songs right now and loving it! I know I can just go to youtube or ask friends who might have the songs in their comps but i just really wanted to get it for myself and also support our fellow Muslim brother. Alhamdulillah i’m so happy!*jumps & skips etc*

This is my fave song out of all the songs. It’s also the first song I ever heard from Maher Zain when sis Zulaikha posted this video on fb & tagged me. I immediately fell in love with the song. i love it, it’s just so beautiful. Thank You Allah.

At the end of the day i was bumbling with joy n happiness, the kind which makes u smile to urself from ear to ear..feeling happy abt my day which was, MasyaAllah, filled with many many blessings and love, just like my doa on fb. :)

I hope your days are happy ones filled with blessings and love too!


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