True love gives life to dead hearts

“Love moves the muddy waters into clarity. True love gives life to dead hearts.” Rumi

I’m loving Tears of the Heart: from the Garden of Mathnawi so far. It’s awesome i tell u..beautiful Subhanallah! Every sentence has deeper meanings to it… I keep on getting smacked with lessons in almost every page. U know like when u r experiencing something at this moment & u feel sad or frustrated or arrogant(insert negative feelings here) and u ask of Allah to give u an answer or a sign to make things right, to soothe ur feelings…

And then splat! U come across something that speaks to u. It can be an incident, words from the Holy Quran or in my case, words from Rumi.

“Stay silent if you are not Majnun,
For the one who has not attained that love, Layla is just a form.” Rumi

This verse is about a Caliph who discovered that Layla was not in any way fairer than any other ladies in town and so he asked Layla what made Majnun love u so much till he went crazy over you? (Majnun, which means crazy is a nickname given to Qays)

And she said, “Stay silent if you are not Majnun” meaning to say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, you may not see what Majnun sees in me, so stay silent. Going deeper than love between two human beings, Layla is actually used as a metaphor to represent divine love. (Majnun eventually ditched his love towards Layla the human when he found another “Layla”, his true love – Allah s.w.t)

To me it is so profound that I am amazed at these Sufis who have the ability to seek deep into the world, and left their insights for us to seek deep into it. May Allah bless them Subhanallah.

Allah presents you with answers right in front of you, it’s just that you may not see it yet. So keep searching.


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