Rezki (sustenance) comes in many forms. I believe a gift is also a form of rezki and I am happy to receive these from a friend. Alhamdulilah… Have been looking for more books from the author as I love his books. They are so full of knowledge and depth yet simple to understand.

I’m currently in love with this saying from Rumi:

Allah whispered a secret into the ear of a cloud, and tears of water poured down from its eyes like a bucket. He whispered a secret into the ear of a rose, and beautified it with colours and fragrance. He whispered a secret to a stone and turned it into a shimmering carnelian in the mine. With His graciousness He poured water from the cloud, beautified the rose and gave value to the stone.

He whispered a secret to the human body and elevated to eternity those who kept this secret. Receiving inspiration from the divine world, these bodies attained the secret of closeness to Allah – being rescued from the body.

On a random note, I’m hooked on another Korean drama! Playful Kiss. Starring my favourite Korean star, KHJ. Hehehe. I love the feeling of watching Korean dramas. I love that I’m able to feel many kinds of feelings. Feelings is a rezki too. Imagine if we were all born with no feelings? No compassion and love for each other? The world will be filled with robots simply doing things without feeling anything at all. And I won’t be able to gush over KHJ, one of God’s handsome creations. Subhanallah ^_^

On another random note, I finally got to sweat it out climbing last tuesday with some equally adventure lovin friends. My body is still aching here and there (coz its been long since I did any form of exercise) but it’s all good. I love climbing and I love that I’ve been blessed with a healthy body, another from of rezki from Allah s.w.t.

Alhamdulillah for all the rezki in my life! :D


2 responses to “Rezki

    • simplymardy

      a friend once shared with me abt giving sedekah – that when u give something for the sake of Allah (without expecting anything in return of course), u will be rewarded 4 times as much.

      the other day i surprised u with 1 book, and He surprised me by giving me 4 books MasyaAllah! Alhamdulillah for His blessings :)

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