Hari Raya Get-Together

Last Thursday I invited some of my non-Muslim friends from school for a short Hari Raya get-together. It’s my first time doing so and now I’m wondering how come I haven’t done this before. Maybe coz the thought never occured to me. I was excited but also a little nervous coz I didn’t know what to expect lol but overall turned out really fun. InsyaAllah may do this again in the coming years :)

Jesslyn & Loretta are my entrepreneurship major classmates and we’ve been in the same project group ever since first semester. I’ve been to both their houses for projects but somehow they’ve never been to mine which first sparked off this idea since its the month of Syawal. So now we are even!

Win is from Myanmar and Hami is from Vietnam. I’m always loving their stories from overseas, makes me wanna go travel more. Thinking of doing so as part of my grad trip, insyaallah. Both Win & Hami has never eaten Lontong & Rendang before so they were asking, “how to eat this?” hehe that was fun. And both end up loving it, how could one not like the tenderness of rendang beef right? Just thinking of it makes me hungry ^_^

Except for my assignment results that I just got which I am so not satisfied with, I’m loving my Syawal so far, Alhamdulillah. :)


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