My first patchwork!

Look Around You

I am always, always inspired by these creative ladies and their amazing patchwork creations – Oh, Fransson!, I Heart Linen and Pink Penguin. So I finally did my own bit of patchwork and now I know why so many people love creating patchwork! Putting together my ideas and colors, and combining them into something beautiful. I didn’t know what to start with, so I looked at my fabric collection, chose the ones I most loved and lay them together. They were mostly random but I saw a theme, I saw LIFE, in other words, they are all forms of Allah’s creations.

Some are obvious and some are subtle;

1st row: Butterflies & Insects, Fireworks (Well, actually more like flowers but the vibrant colors remind me of fireworks!) and Stars at Night

2nd row: Strawberry, Love (this is my fave block in this patchwork coz its the only thing referring to something that’s intangible, which is also why it is in the centre), Mountains & Lakes (this is a batik print in which I thought represented hills, forest & trees)

3rd row: Flowers & Leaves, Butterflies (I just love fabrics with butterfly prints! *_^), Grass & leaves (Or Tropicana ice-cream from Nestle – lime juice with milk inside…mmm sedaaap!)

remember this??? oh so delicious…

I named this mini-patchwork “Look Around You” because look around you and you can see…

yup you can also see Love! *sarangheyo*

They are so not perfect, you can see obvious alingments gone wrong there but its a first attempt. I’m gonna finish up the edges and think of what to do with this patchwork, maybe make a mini quilt, or something. Other than that, kudos to me for finally sewing and making something after so long :D *taps shoulders*


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