Aisyah’s Belated Birthday Surprise

I’m in loveeee with the new layout! It’s so pretty & artistic! I wish I could say I did it but nope, its Koi by N.Design, a new wordpress theme & I just think its awesome.

Last week a bunch of us decided to give someone who just turned 23 a SURPRISE! Not exactly “just”, but one week plus already. Wanted to surprise on birthday itself but it was 2 days before Hari Raya so everyone was pretty busy with last min preps & terawih. Anyways, the best part was not the yummy ice-cream cake, or the last-minute hush-hush planning, but the SHOCK ON BIRTHDAY GIRL’S FACE. But sayang tak dapat capture her shocked expression! Otherwise it will be used for future embarrassment hehehehe ;)

We love you! U welcome! :D

Yummy 3 flavors ice-cream cake from Swensens.

THE BIRTHDAY GIRL who just turned 23 two days before 1st Syawal.

Before the Surprise- I was busy with my phone arranging with the fellow dudes Ash & Din who were waiting for us. Had to act like nothing was happening around Aisyah! it's my first time surprising someone, as usually i'm the one being surprised so it was pretty fun "sneaking" around lol..

Jam & me with our Caramel fixes, one cold & one hot. I had to bluff syah for wanting to drink this at Coffee Bean instead of Starbucks! The truth was that Starbucks, where we originally planned to do it was packed so the dudes went to Coffee Bean instead where fortunately there was an empty table. Lucky u never insist on Starbucks eh, syah? Haha ;) Sorry Jam, next time we go thr for sure ok? :)

The "Surprise" team. Good job everyone! Surprises are measured by shocked expressions. The shocker, the better! Hehehe.

Testing out my "warm hazel" contacts. My sis says i look like Twilight's vampires haha.

Thanks Jam for planning with me even tho very last min! :D

We were both wearing brown contacts! Vain ppl~

Happy Belated Birthday Surprise Aisyah! ;)

Surprises are measured by shocked expressions. The shocker, the better!

Pay it forward, surprise someone with a gift if u know it makes them happy :)


6 responses to “Aisyah’s Belated Birthday Surprise

  1. Jam

    Mar!! I think you did a great job, too. Thanks for being the liaison officer for the night! heh! I enjoyed the evening and the presence of mu girlfriends. :) ILY!

    • simplymardy

      lol liaison officer eh? kalau tak pasal i watched that movie that morning in class, i would’ve honestly been too lazy to even “liaise!” but alhamdulillah, Allah has His ways of uniting people. & thanks for being so sporting ;)

      ILY too! :)

  2. @isyah

    i likeeee… and im SURPRISED!
    mcm ala-ala I got Punk’d! hehee

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