listening to raya songs mood

it’s 18 Ramadhan! Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah i’m delighted coz i found what is it that’s been missing for me during this Ramadhan. what is it? ohhh…its locked in my heart *keeps key away* hehe

it is something i was reminded of tonight and kinda forgot all about it all this while. well, after tonight’s terawih there was a short lecture by ust tmfouzy and he mentioned about fasting in different levels. the thing is, i know about it and perhaps have read it many times but only tonight did it got to me. which is good because it is still not too late to fast – in all levels insyaallah

so the various levels of fasting are (not sure if they are in correct order except for the first one):

1. puasa makan & minum – the most basic fasting of all, fasting food & drinks

2. puasa hati – fasting of the heart

3. puasa mata – fasting of the eyes

4. puasa mulut (kata-kata) – fasting ur speech

i realised i haven’t really been doing #3 & #4. uhm during my first weeks of fasting i was still happily watching beverly hills 90210 (well i like that show ok..i’m human)  & today i realised why that might have been one of the reasons why i felt something “missing”, that i wasn’t fasting my eyes to the max. i mean, i think it would not be possible to fast my eyes 100% but at least i should try and definitely do better maybe in the 90% range? well that might sound ambitious but one could try. each individual has their own sets of tests and challenges during Ramadhan.

u know, i was thinking of last year’s Ramadhan when i help out as a belayer for the Girls Go Series camp (GGS) for sisters. I remember we break our fast at the Chinese Garden after a day of climbing at Dairy Farm quarry. It was dark as there were no lights when we did our terawih by the river, enjoying the peace and tranquility of the surroundings. Then we did yoga led by kak ezsra, qiyam sleepily and after that sahur together at Masjid Ar-Raudhah… and now i miss my Saff sisters just by remembering those happy moments. saye rindu awak semua lah. hearts and hugs to all of u sisters <3

ooh btw i made those red sashes ala missuniverse for their best participants awards-it was sewn and written with glitter, really enjoyed making them! okie hugs and hearts again to my beautiful sisters, and also to those that are not in the photo. :)

Ramadhan Mubarak


2 responses to “listening to raya songs mood

  1. Stumbled upon this cheerful blog!

    How interesting… Like you, those four levels of fasting mentioned are also something familiar to me. But yet, as a Muslim we still do have a lot to learn yeah!

    And talking about 90210, boy, I need to stop watching Star World too! Astaghfirullah.

    Thanks for the reminder sis!
    May Allah guide us all towards sirat-e-mustaqeem. Amiin.

  2. simplymardy

    u welcome :)

    lets strive towards the end, thr’s only a few days left to enjoy the barakah of Ramadhan MasyaAllah.. insyaallah ameen!

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