Minutes before buka time

Yesterday at school bench level 1 opposite megabites;

It was 7.13 pm, and I waited for 7.15 Azan from my mobile phone radio along with my 2 chinese classmates coz they were curious to hear what exactly is the command for breaking fast. So when the speaker went, “Sekian, wassallam…” I said excitedly, “it’s coming, it’s coming!” and when “it” came, bite my kurma, with them listening to the Azan & witnessing ‘breaking-fast in action’ for the first time.

It was kinda funny coz they were quite jakon & also sweet of them to wait for me to finally eat :)

(We had gone to the L.I.G.H.T.H.O.U.S.E. school before class for a project interview & well, what can I say, it was an eye-opening experience MasyaAllah).


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