I would like to visit Vietnam

From my personal experience, most of my non-Muslim friends know that there is a month where Muslims fast for 30 days and that it is called the “fasting month” but most of them do not know the name of this fasting month. So I was surprised when my Vietnamese friend Hami asked me a question to clarify something about fasting but instead of referring to it as “fasting month”, she said “Ramadhan”. Plus, she also seemed to know more than the basic info than my other non-Muslim friends.

So naturally I was curious. I asked her, “How u know so much about Ramadhan?”

“Back in my hometown I got one friend who also fast in Ramadhan”

“Oh really? She’s Muslim? (Obviously rite mardh…duh)”

“Yup, she also wear like you” (referring to my scarf..hehe so funny the way she describe it)

Then she told me that her hometown has 20% Muslims and the reason why is that its near Cambodia which also has a population of Muslims (suddenly I remembered the recce we did last year and we took some photos with fellow Cambodian Muslim sisters).

With Muslim sisters in Cambodia. Fatimah, the one in pink, knows how to speak a little bit of Malay as she has a son studying in Malaysia. altho she was struggling to think of the words, we conversed with what little Khmer language we manage to pick up thruout the trip.

I did some research and found that:

Islam in Vietnam is primarily the religion of the Cham people, a minority ethnic group related to Malays; however, roughly one-third of the Muslims in Vietnam are of other ethnic groups.[1][2] There is also a community describing themselves of mixed ethnic origins (Cham, Khmer, Malay, Minang, Viet, Chinese and Arab), who practice Islam and are also known as Cham, or Cham Muslims, around the region of Chau Doc in the Southwest.[3] Uthman ibn Affan, the third Caliph of Islam, sent the first official Muslim envoy to Vietnam and Tang Dynasty China in 650.[citation needed] (Wikipedia)

Similar to Cambodian Muslims, who are also made up of the Cham people.

I told Hami that I wanna visit her hometown one day & eat Halal Vietnamese food – and she said OK! :D

So awesome. I wonder how Ramadhan is like in Vietnam.


6 responses to “I would like to visit Vietnam

  1. You should visit Kampong Cham in Cambodia which are made up of cham muslims too:)

  2. @isyah

    I wanna follow… Vietnamese foood sounds gooood!

  3. Huda Lee

    Alright…thats it then! A trip to vietnam together!

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