good service :)

recently i’ve had 2 very good experiences being served well. isn’t good service just one of the best things ever? when i feel important as a customer, i feel good.

first one was at challenger (simei). i had to get a toner for my printer which we bought from the store hence the ink, and what happened was that there was no more stock of that particular model from the store. a call was made and the salesperson, informed me that the nearest one with that model was at tampines. so my options were to go to tampines that very day or come another day. but then the salesperson suggested for the toner from tampines to be brought to simei and have me collect it from there. how appropriate. so i did – on the next day tho i didn’t want to wait too long & it wasn’t that urgent a toner. on hindsight, i could have also gone to tampines to get it the next day but at least i didn’t have to start from scratch & ask the tampines store salesperson etc… so thank you for making it easier for me.

second one was at charles&keith (tampines). the store was nearly closing & i still couldn’t make up my mind which shoe to choose. there were some customers lingering around and the salespeople were attending to last minute purchases. sometimes women really cannot make up their mind. i was feeling a little pressured already coz if i was the salesperson, in my heart i would be like “can u pleeeeaaaseeee make up your mind like now coz i really wanna go home and its been such a long day.” there were 2 salespeople that time – one guy & one lady.

the lady, who was packing another customer’s shoes, said, “it’s ok, it’s ok, we still have time” *insert sincere smile on face* really. how can u be so patient with an indecisive customer like me.

and then i was flustered. look around the store, panicking & frantically finding a shoe. the guy walked past me and said, in a lower voice so the other customers can’t hear, “don’t worry, u won’t be the last one” dunno why but it comforted me. when i finally found the shoe – a pair of silver bohemian sandals, he asked if i wanted to try both pairs. i was thinking, wow he still has the the patience to ask me to try both pairs. so i did. then i bought it and i went back a happy customer. and he was right, i wasn’t the last one (tho we had to sneak out coz the door was half-closed with shutters).

good service is not something i adamantly ask for but i know i’ve got it when i can say, “thank you for making it easier for me” :)


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