Moved & Inspired.

Alhamdulillah I got the opportunity to help Huda with her students outing yesterday and guess where we went?

to the Singapore Youth Festival! The last time i went to SYF was donkey years ago so I was really excited and also this time around, I’m better prepared to be around the students. The first time I volunteered, I was kind of speechless & didn’t really know how to be.

We watched a mixture of dance performances done by primary school students, from Malay dance to Indian dance to Chinese dance to contemporary & also tango. They were super good they put me to shame with my lack of dancing skills and some of them were so little & cute & adorable masyaAllah (the ones in primary 1 & 2) and I’M SO INSPIRED!

Inspired to dance & be in a dynamic dance group! Not the traditional dances but inspired by one of the Chinese dances that was like combined with Kung Fu & drums. U know, like being in a group like Wicked Aura Batucada or something. yes yes i know, i don’t know much about dance either. =P

Of course, it will be an All-LADIES group & it will NOT BE OPEN TO GUYS.

Just the thought of it makes me excited! Seeing that I only dance privately at home (like how some people privately sing at the shower), I think it will be fun to dance in a group and make it a form of workout.

Anyways, dance aside I had a great time with the kids as well. I was assigned to a 7-year old boy, Marcus. Marcus wears round specs and has a round face with slightly red cheeks. He is so cute & adorable he reminds me of Chicken Little. Except that instead of shouting “the sky is falling!”, he talks – A LOT. He loves to chit chat and talk non-stop and gets excited about mainly everything. I really enjoy being with him coz he’s funny and when he laughs, it’s like the funniest thing in the world and I can’t help but join in the fun (even tho i might not know what he’s laughing about). If only everyone sees the world with so much joy like him :)

Besides Marcus, I also had a good time getting to know Joshua. Joshua is a 10-yr old Filipino-Indonesian boy who is wise beyond his years. He’s so tiny but at the same time has a “thinking” face that looks so wise. He reminds me of Benjamin Button during his “early” years, except without the white hairs and is 100x cuter. I feel so intrigued every time i look at Joshua. I’m always wondering what is it he might be thinking of.

Then while we were waiting for the bus to come pick us up, I noticed a Malay girl, around 8 yrs old from another special school standing near us with a tudung-wearing makcik (maybe her mum or teacher), also waiting for their school bus. She was looking at me, and then when she saw me looking back at her she put her hand up, and a few seconds later, waved, with a small smile on her face. I had no idea who she was but I smiled and waved back at her. The tudung-wearing makcik beside her asked, “ur friend isit?” and she nodded. So the makcik said, “haha everyone also ur friend lah..” then the makcik did something unexpected – she walked towards me with the girl and gestured her to “salam” me, and she did! Then her bus came, she took one last look at me, waved and left. I was actually surprised that out of everyone there she chose to wave to me, it’s like she knew me from somewhere or maybe might have thought i was someone else, but either ways its cool with me. At that moment I felt…moved. I don’t know how to describe how I felt. It was a moment. U know like how some moments just take ur breath away, even with no words exchanged? Something like that.

Ahh Allah’s creations. So awesome! Thank you Allah for all your blessings :)

*Lagu takda kene mengena dengan topic actually but this is one of my favourite songs ever*


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