Shine like the fireworks!

“u suke jahit kan?”

that is what a sister said to me yesterday at the gradstea, we knew each other online (my first thought is that there are ppl who still read my blog? okay okay kiter blog ye :) )

now if i were to brand myself merely from my online presence, i would be known as the..

sewing lover. anything sewing, crafty, u name it, i like it.

i think i’ve made it obvious over the net huh? hehe. which is just fine with me actually, since i do intend to have a career associating with that – fabrics, fashion, textiles, sewing, crafting – its a broad range, so i still have yet to focus on something yet. but why focus now? perhaps i will explore the many territories and then settle.

actually i don’t really like to sew, but i love the process of envisioning an idea and then creating it, transforming my idea into something beautiful by sewing it. its not just a domesticated thing, even fashion designers sew their own designs at their early stages.

anyway, i have yet to know what to brand myself as since i will be completing my semester at the end of this year (yikes! so fast! my lecturers are saying “go apply for jobs now!” but i haven’t even started sending my resumes yet) and not really sure on how to go about doing it. plus i believe personal branding takes experience, and not forgetting the time it takes for people to remember u based on your expertise.

apart from that, the food especially the desserts, were superb. maybe one day i’ll go there with some girlfriends just to have tea. and the scones. i love the scones. it’s been so long since i ate scones.

okay enough about that. after that syah & me went to boat quay & guess what, yesterday was also the national day preview! which means there were fireworks! oh i love love love fireworks! we actually went to the same place last year 1 week after national day just to catch the fireworks but we were disappointed to know that we got the wrong date (i know, so slenger okay). so we were happy that when we least expect it, it happened!

the fireworks came in many colors &  shapes – blues, greens, reds, circles, straight lines, i didn’t bother to take photos of them coz i wanted to enjoy every moment of it without thinking if i could get a shot or not. ahh love love love. during the day i was tested with something, and i felt that the fireworks are such a blessing from Allah, a way of him rewarding me after He gave me the test. MasyaAllah.

dinner at ljs (i was amused to know that the price of a few squirts of cheese has increased from 50 to 60cents), followed by sharing about our dreams and ambitions. Alhamdulillah what a day well spent. Thank you Allah for all your blessings :)


2 responses to “Shine like the fireworks!

  1. mdhilwan

    hey maybe u should contact Huda :) She is interested in starting some social enterprise abt clothing thingie

    • simplymardy

      i’m actually taking “social entrepreneurship” this module as part of my major module syllabus. so behind a “social enterprise” there is a cause, & its not merely abt doing something but must come from the heart & soul. not sure if that’s where im heading yet (& if my “cause” is strong enough) since i have many options for now.

      but thanks wan :)

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