XPDC Ledang 2010

Every expedition is different.

Compared to my Ledang trip four years ago, there were differences.

Many differences. One of them being i’m not just a participant, but one of the organisers. & not just the organiser, but the vice-head. before the expedition, i was freaking out. haha. my first time co-leading an expedition! so many what if here what if there. especially coz i wasn’t there for myself, but for the eager & excited participants. i could feel the responsibility- i was scared big time. HEE. Ah well, there’s a first time for everything, no? :D

We didn’t camp at Kolam Gajah as it is now closed, but camped at Plateau instead. Plateau is near Bukit Botak & has a majestic scenery. beautiful… SubhanAllah.

We slaughtered chickens.

Not me. I was too scared. Yes, me, adventurer, loves climbing rockwalls, scared of slaughtering chicken. But anyways, it was a good experience to witness it. & tasting ayam kampung for the first time with ayam masak lemak ready-made spice.

Many many thanks to the mentors & the senior Saff brothers who was such a helpful bunch throughout the expedition. Couldn’t have done it without them – especially the on-the-spot decision-making that always happens in expeditions. MasyaAllah may Allah s.w.t. bless their efforts!

And many thanks to the wonderful organising team! Hilwan (of course the head =P), Farid (Logistics – for really taking care of the Logs & lending his Instructor expertise to us. Kudos!), Kak Aya (Admin, & for always knowing what to say & what to do :D), Aziah (Safety, & from which i have started using “koyok modern” aka SALONPAS..hehe) & Rabbiah (F&B, for the AMAZING ppt slides of naik-turun gunung – & ur “secret” is safe with us! hahahaha gelak gelak gelak-inside joke).

I love expeditions for their ability to bring people together in such a way that normal events can’t. & also the laughter & happiness throughout – where nobody gives a damn on how they look as every1 looks their worst anyway. The ukhwah, the bond, the togetherness. During the expedition, i ask myself whyyyyy am i doing this again??? But afterwards the experience is just so worth it.

I keep thanking many people – participants, mentors, team, coz well, we couldn’t have done it on our own. :)

“To each is a goal to which Allah turns him. Then strive together (as in a race) towards all that is good. Wheresoever you are, Allah will bring you together. For Allah has power over all things.” – Al Baqarah, 148


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