Phuket with the family

Sea view! Waking up to this breathtaking view every morning is really therapeutic. Tho our apartment is pretty far from the beach, it was relaxing to just sit on the sofa at the balcony & read a book or just enjoying yourself doing nothing.

The apartment overlooking that view. Makmas, makedah & nenek’s room was the biggest room with the living room, hence making it our “port”. Everyone will gather there since we couldn’t all squeeze into one room no matter how big it is, due to the hotel’s policy. The beds were so comfy & sooo nice to sleep in at night. I think even an insomniac can sleep comfortably in the rooms.

The swimming pool-super tempting. Because the beach was pretty far from our apartment (it was a 10-15 mins walk over a steep hill OR take a tuk-tuk), we spent a lot of time swimming in the pools instead. I love travelling short-distances in the tuk-tuk!

Phuket was too much fun we didn’t want to go back. :D


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