Spreading 9monthful of LOVE

The idea of making pillows for Mothers’ Day came from a spontaneous conversation which was originally not meant to be taken seriously. Plus seeing that Mothers’ Day week falls during our exam period we first found ourselves pretty crazy to even be thinking of doing it. But then we thought why not? Let’s contribute & at the same time have fun doing it. Like they say, opportunity doesn’t come knocking on your door..twice. the same opportunity, that is.

And we were scared, too. Didn’t know what was the outcome gonna be like & were people even going to buy them? We told ourselves that whatever happened what was more important was that we took action. Alhamdulillah, this project was successful & we’ve now bagged a wonderful experience too. Thanks to everyone who put their trust & support in us and thanks to all of our customers without whom this experience would not have been as fulfilling.  Hereby i present u behind-the-scenes photos (which Aisyah has already posted on facebook but nonetheless, i love storytelling.)

The finished product, all wrapped up with a flower specially for mummy dearest. I’m in love with the organza & ribbon covering the pillows, it adds such a gorgeous touch to the otherwise non-glittery pillows. we hope that all the beautiful mothers receiving it from their darling children love it as much as we do. not for the work that we did, but for the gesture of love from their doting sons & daughters. we like to think we were part of their mother & son/daughter relationship, no matter how small a part we play.

My house became the studio, dry-cleaner, factory… When ‘galah’ is normally used to hang laundry, it hung from my window to the bookshelf as the fabric paint was being dried out. making do with whatever materials we had on hand. when life gives u lemons, make lemonade? this process was one of the most fun part coz we could see the (almost) end result of the product, plus the various colour combinations made by our customers. all colours of the rainbow unite!

‘Department’ of packing, sorting, labelling… The last part before it goes out to customers. presentation wise with orange coloured bags  & making things easier by labelling (once again totally unprepared for the labelling part + time constraints so we made do with what we already have & ended up using purple post-it notes – extras from studying for exams! but i think it looks good together. unique combo, no? yey.)

Off to be delivered to our lovely customers.  After all the internal developments plus communicating with most customers online & sms, now was the time to finally meet them! or, the external side of the business (too much strategic management this semester lah, cannot help it). some we knew, some we did not-but meeting friends & meeting customers who are ur friends are 2 totally different things altogether so it was really exciting! seeing their reactions to the pillows made it all worthwhile and we are just so happy to be part of this universal movement of honouring mothers all around the world. :)

The 9LOVE team ^_^

This was our first time working with each other & honestly i was a bit worried if we could not work together that well. i mean, 10 years of friendship does not automatically translate to effective business partnership, but alhamdulillah we did good. being straight-talk & direct with one another helps & so were lots & lots of laughter. we’ve met so many interesting people along the way & i’m just glad that we decided to take the plunge & just JUMP IN! i’m also happy to point out that our exam study was not affected during this whole process. that’s the best part (otherwise even our own mothers would not allow us to embark on this project!). It was great working with u babe! ;)

Last but not least, Mothers’ Day is not just a single day so for the 9 months that she had to carry us, the least we can do is to say I love you to her & mean it. Every. Single. Day.


4 responses to “Spreading 9monthful of LOVE

  1. mdhilwan

    Great job :) You should continue doing more of this

  2. aww…..! I love youuuu…. hehehe

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