New Life.

Last Saturday day I was having a breakdown. I was annoyed that I did not put in the study hours that I told myself to. I hate the feeling of saying I’m going to do something and I end up not fulfilling my promise. It makes me feel unproductive. :(

But everything changed when I saw him.

Baby Darwish & Me! :D

My cousin Kak Nur had just given birth to this wonderful baby boy. Aww isn’t he super adorable? It’s amazing how looking and carrying a baby can make u feel on top of the world! Wow. Alhamdulillah for His creations…

When I saw him & carried him in my arms, I felt at peace with myself. Bad feeling gone. Annoying feeling? What annoying feeling? And for the first time in my life I was brave enough to carry a newborn. I’ve always been scared of carrying newborns for fear of dropping them. I would be like this: 1 year old and above, OK! Newborns? Errr… Nyaya anak orang. But that day I managed to give up that irrational fear and plucked up the courage and did it! What an amazing feeling masyaAllah.. looking at his little eyes and hands and toes..oh so cute!

Dear Baby Darwish, even if you may not remember me holding you in my arms (which I doubt you will, no perhaps you will remember those funky lime green & black specs that you stared at), I pray that you will be a respectable son to your parents, just like the meaning of your name. Ameen.


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