my lovely long bus rides

I love long bus rides.

So I was happy to read in today’s Sunday Times that there are others like me  who love long bus rides too. at least I know im not the only one with this long journeys kind of love. I know there are many who prefer to take the mrt, and I would too depending on where I’m going, but to me there is just something special about long journeys in the bus.

My relationship with long bus rides started during my poly years where I had to commute to and from Nanyang Polytechnic @ Ang Mo Kio all the way from Bedok Reservoir. luckily for me I had a straight bus to AMK – bus service 22 – the journey took 1 hour + each so I spent nearly 2 hours + daily just travelling. That long bus ride led to me meeting a special someone ^_^

And now I still take long bus rides to SIM @ Clementi (I seem to have a knack for far-off schools) so my relationship with long bus rides continues.

I love long bus rides for many reasons. The number one reason is that I get to sleep in the bus. Ok firstly this only happens if I get a seat, and usually there are not that many people in long bus rides. I’ve tried sleeping standing up (I can sleep anywhere) but it’s not comfortable when people keep pushing you to move and u keep getting interrupted.

But now I don’t have a straight bus to school so I have to take 2 buses – first 5 & then 151/154. Which means I can’t sleep for the first half of the journey unless I want to end up in Bukit Merah interchange (last stop for bus no. 5) and that is the last thing I want to do at 8 o’clock in the morning on the way to my morning lecture. 

I get to spend time reading a good book. (I tried reading my lecture notes but it always doesn’t work coz I will end up doing something else – refer to point above.)

I get to put on my iPod and ignore the rest of the world.

I get to reflect and daydream (while not staring at other people’s faces like in the mrt – some buses also have opposing seats but I find that in the mrt it’s more obvious when u stare).

Of course, there are some things that irk me about long bus rides too. It can get dizzy sometimes, especially if the bus route tends to pusing-pusing, or turn here and there in the same area. Plus, if you cannot stand the passenger sitting next to you, you have to endure them throughout the whole trip (think sweat-induced people or those that happen to find your shoulder very comforting – actually, i’ve been that sleeping passenger for many a times too since I like to sleep in the bus so much. =P). 

Having said that, I still love long bus rides tho.

With the govt wanting to shorten longer bus routes, more bus rides will not be very long anymore. Long bus ride lovers, I hear you.


2 responses to “my lovely long bus rides

  1. seekinghuda

    Yes I love long bus rides too. It started when I was in nyp too taking 72. Its the only time I can just reflect and dream:) I read the article yesterday and suddenly, I have a flashback…haha…

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