My sister’s April Fool day joke

no she did not april fool me, but on the other hand used me as material for her april fool day joke.

here is how it goes:

*fathiah smsing to nabilah & nurul, my 2 cousins*

“kakyaya tengah operation, skrg i ngan makmas kat hospital”

nabilah: what happened??

nurul: kenape dengan kakyaya???

“die sakit teruk, before this pun die sakit teruk”

“u tau tak wat day today?”

nabilah:  -_- make me panic. (this cousin gets the joke)

nurul: 1 april. (this cousin still doesn’t get it)

the best thing is, my sis only told me after she told the joke. at first i was furious! i had the “huh!!! kalau betul macam mana???” sheesh! marah!

but then i find the whole thing hilarious. wonder how my cousins’ reaction were. mesti panic giler kan. one last thing tho.

Dear God, please keep me healthy.


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